How My Love for Athlesiure Turned into My Love for Exercise


I used my hand to wipe the sweat running from my forehead and then reached for my water. I gulped my water between heavy breaths. My heart was pumping fast, and I felt accomplished. I just had a great workout, but now I’m wondering, how did I get here? I used to hate moving and leaving my bed? And then, with both admiration and pride, I looked down at my chic workout clothes. Yes, I remember why I began working out; it all started eight months ago.

            From the time I was born till the summer before college, I never worked out, besides for kickline season. Even during kickline season, I still laid in bed the five days of the week I didn’t have practice. Exercise was not my favorite thing; I opted for watching movies in my bed or on the couch. And I was completely satisfied with this lifestyle until Mixology started selling athleisure.

            Athleisure. One of the most comfortable yet trendy fashion statements. Its workout clothes, but you can wear them any time of the day and are not solely purposeful for exercise. It's become a major fashion trend in the past year and seems to be getting bigger everyday. Everyone I know from school to home to camp wears athleisure weekly. When I go to class I wear a pair of my workout leggings, a sport bra, and a tank. I wear the same thing on the weekend whether it's going to the farmer’s market or just to get brunch with my friends. I love my athleisure, and it's become a staple in my wardrobe. It’s not just the athletic clothing that has become a standard part of my life, but the exercise too.

            Once college began, I realized exercise was in my best interest since the freshman’15 was looming over my head. But, it was, also, my athleisure that really motivated me. I loved my clothes I got over the summer, but I wanted more since it was all I was wearing. So, my mom made a deal with me. If I worked out and practiced a healthier lifestyle, she would send me more athleisure. The deal was annoying because I didn’t want to be active, but I wanted the clothing more. So, with lots of determination I went started on the path of physical fitness.

            I went on the elliptical three times every week for thirty minutes and then participated in twenty minutes of an ab workout full of crunches, leg lifts, planks, and so much more. And each time I worked out, I sent pictures to my mom, so she knew I was engaging in our deal. Soon enough I had new athleisure sets of matching sports bras and leggings. I loved and still completely love every piece my mom has sent me, and I continue to wear it all everyday. The exercise was tough, at first, but once I started to get the hang of it, I started to really love it.

I started to relish in how I felt at twenty minutes into my activity, and eight months later I tend to stay on the elliptical for about sixty minutes. I’m able to let my stress out and not think for a good hour of the day, and it's amazing. I have truly begun to enjoy exercising, and who would ever think that I, one of the laziest people you’ll ever meet, could find an attachment to physical activity. Well, I did, and I regard my athleisure as the reason.