Earth Tone Collection; 4 Elements of Summer

Summer has officially begun which means our minds are already off in space. Get yourself down to earth and check out the Earth Tones Collection.

We know you're Obsessed. The whole collection is out of this world (pun intended) but we broke it down to your staples of the season. We categorized the essentials; the 4 Elements of Summer:

Air; You'll be walking on clouds over these pieces. The cool colors are a perfect balance to the summer heat. We love the greys and the blues of these looks. The tie dye resembles the clouds, so with these pieces in your closet you'll be full of HOT air (in a good way, of course)

Fire; Summer and heat go hand in hand, but get ready to raise the temp with these flaming hot pieces. With these outfits on you'll be such a smoke show someone might have to call a fireman. Wearing these you're sure to turn up the heat. 

Earth; Bring yourself back down to Earth with these neutrals. These pieces will make your world go round. We're loving greens, beige, and stone colored pieces. Wearing these pieces you'll look neutral while causing some thunder. 


Water; First thought that comes to mind when you think summer is salty skin and wavy hair. We day dream about pools and ocean all winter and spend the summer floating our worries away. Make some waves with these water colored pieces!