Top 5 Reasons Why Cashmere Is A Must Have

We're gonna break down the top 5 reasons why cashmere is an absolute necessity. Time to get cozy this holiday season with Decker Luxe Cashmere sweaters! Our sweaters feature the softest material- 100% cashmere.

1. Everyone wants a good, easy, and luxurious staple piece. Let's face it: when it's negative 2 degrees outside, you want the most comfortable and warm sweater possible! Love the Decker Luxe Stripe Raglan Pullover with a pair of Flying Monkey Skinny Jeans, or, for a more laid back look - leggings


2. Sweaters are a winter necessity especially when it is negative 2 degrees outside - all of our Decker Luxe sweaters are 100% cashmere.


3. Keep it classic in simple styles while still looking super chic.


4. Extremely light weight and lush, these sweaters are bound to last you a lifetime. You'll wear this sweater literally everyday. (Decker Luxe Everyday Pullover)


5. The sweaters will make you feel good while looking good.