Sharing Memories in a Flash

In addition to cheer and presents, the holidays also bring countless new memories with family and friends. There are always those few that are better off forgotten, but most of them are moments to cherish forever.

In the isnta days of social media, we are so hungry for instant uploads for almost all things that we rarely pull out the film camera since the pics can't be immediately shared across multiple platforms; who really waits to develop pictures anymore anyway? 

Whether it’s the guest who had one too many glasses of eggnog, Manischewitz, or both (no judgments), or grandpa catching flies on the couch, don’t miss out on capturing (and developing) these precious moments ever again. 

With the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, and the Fujifilm Instax Instant Smartphone Printer, for better or worse, you can physically bring these moments to your fingertips. Using Wi-Fi from your smartphone or tablet, and the instax share app, you can chose from a variety of formats to share your memories in an instax...I mean instant.

Tip - take pics of your family members and use them to decorate the tree or fireplace. You can also take silly selfies and write something special on the back to use them as personal, one of-a-kind holiday cards.
To read more about the camera itself, read our previous post here.
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