Feast Your Eyes

After 23 years of Thanksgivings, I have come to a rather important conclusion; Spandex is NOT the enemy. Tight waistbands are.

In fact, stretchy fabric is a friend and, let’s face it, after a feast of turkey, crans and complex carbohydrates (not to mention whatever dessert your mom, uncle, grandma or whomever have in store), you need all the friends you can get. Try wearing something that grows WITH your food baby as opposed to something that cuts off your circulation and forces you to unbutton the top button of your pants at the dinner table.

After all, Joey Tribbiani* did it right when he wore Phoebes maternity pants as his “Thanksgiving pants”- cue the visual.

This year I am ditching tight jeans and a billowy top and opting for something with a little more give. See below for my picks of bodycon (which I will be dubbing food-baby appropriate) dresses for Thursday night. Going for something all black or with a busy textured print is key since black is slimming and a busy print is distracting to the eye- in a good way. Tip- selecting a turtle neck dress elongates your form making you look even more slender.



Clockwise from top left: Gab & Kate / Jac Parker / Bianca / Darah Dahl

If you think I’m completely off my rocker and would rather choose to sit across from the guest who spits and chews with his mouth open at the same time than wear something fitting on Thanksgiving, I put something together for you too.

You’re welcome.


Bianca Tunic and Jacket

*If you don’t watch or understand this Friends ref. then chances are we never will be friends.

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