Introducing the Tri-brid

Sort of like Chrismukkah, which has twice the resistance of any normal holiday (thank you Seth Cohen), so do certain pieces of clothing. For example, rompers, jumpsuits and skorts combine tops and bottoms (or bottoms and bottoms) into hybrid garments that we are eternally grateful for. 

If those weren't cool enough on their own, one of our new arrivals, combines not two, but THREE parts into the spectacular piece we are dubbing the tribrid. 

At first glance, the Bianca Save The Date Romper appears pretty standard as far as rompers go. After a closer look, you notice that it also features an attached skinny neck-tie, which just so happens to be super on trend ATM. 

Mindblown. We know.

If you can't handle so much awesome at once, the tie neck trend is also avail. as a tunic and a blouse.