BB Dakota

We believe it’s important to live life well, and look stylish while doing it. At BB Dakota we love clothes but we also love living full, creatively-fulfilling, engaged lives. We believe it’s more important to have rich inner lives, to consume culture but also contribute to it. The clubby, exclusionary quality of the fashion world is lame, and we want to fight the notion that wearing expensive clothes makes you cool, that if you carry the right handbag, it means something. That’s why we make wearable, exquisite clothes that are made to last, but aren’t so prohibitively expensive it gives you post-purchase anxiety dreams.
When we spend too much on a dress, we’re worried about messing it up. And when we’re worried about our clothes, we’re not living in the moment. That’s not glamorous. Glamour is looking exquisite and not giving a fuck. And that is what we’re offering you here at BB Dakota.
Keep dancing. It’s only fashion.