Flynne Skye

Flynn Skye Clothing is about simplicity with an edge. Waking up and throwing on a dress that you can rock to coffee, the beach, or a nice dinner. 
Designer Amber Farr comes from an extensive background in fashion. She creates unique, blissful yet adventurous clothing, inspired and named after her daughter. 
“Flynn Skye was named after my daughter, who is the most magical, free spirit I know. She does what she wants with little fear and a huge smile on her face. She walks to her own beat and whistles to her own tune,” Farr quotes. 
 Farr also takes inspiration from many places. Living in a variety of locations such as London, France, Germany, Tahoe and Big Bear, and Malibu, has helped fuel her creativity. She has now been in Venice for over 15 years and can be considered a true “Venetian" - a coveted label among this unique beach city.