Tuesday, June 2, 2020


To everyone, but especially my Black teammates at Budokan and my Black friends,

Black lives matter. Racism, police brutality, and police murder must end. I’m with you. My company stands with you. I’m an entrepreneur and a man of action, and the hardest part of living through these times is not knowing how to take action to fix these issues now.

I wrote what I thought was a beautiful response to George Floyd’s murder and the ensuing violence. My creative director at Mixology and my Black teammates helped me understand that I missed the mark, and I never published it. One of my dear friends and teammates asked me the question, “if you and your son were being targeted, how would you feel? What would you want your friends to say and do to stand up for you?” I would want them to say “NEVER AGAIN” and stand with me in solidarity. That is my message today. To the entire Black community, I’m with you, and I’m here for you.


Love conquers all,

Jordan Edwards

CEO, Mixology Clothing Company