Hipstapatch - Black Skull



For your adventurous side, our Skull hipstapatch™ is an embroidered fabric patch that measures approximately 1" x 1" with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing.

Hipstapatch is a one of a kind peel-and-stick mini patch that you can apply to shoes, pocketbooks, backpacks, cellphones, laptops, water bottles, lacrosse sticks, clothes, cameras, bicycles, skateboards...you get the picture. Because a hipstapatch will stick to almost any surface, the patching possibilities are endless! And better yet, when you apply heat as directed, with adult supervision, your hipstapatch will have a long-lasting application. 

How do I make my hipstapatch stick?

Attach your hipstapatch to a clean, dry, smooth surface. Firmly press on all areas, being sure to press on all edges, and on both sides of the fabric (if applying to fabric). If you want a longer-lasting application, apply heat as directed, always with adult supervision. For a permanent application on clothing, we recommend sewing.

How do I remove any left over residue after removing my  hipstapatch?

We recommend using Goo Gone to remove any sticky residue that is sometimes left behind when a patch is removed. It works like magic! Before applying, be sure to read the Goo Gone directions to make sure it is suitable for your surface.