Back To School (IRL) Supply List

It's back to school season- sort of. After a long year of Zoom University, some students are returning to the classrooms. Across the country, students and teachers have been learning/teaching from their computer or experiencing school hybrid (half online half in person). Sitting in bed doing algebra was either a nightmare or the best thing ever. Now however, some students can sit in their classroom desk, with their friends, in real life for the rest of the year. Excited to go back but don't know how to prepare? With Covid protocols going back can feel weird, but we have a school supply list for your First Day of School (IRL)!

Essential Supplies (for all grades and teachers!): 

  • A cute mask and extras
    • According to CDC guidelines, masks will still be required in large crowds- like school. Use your mask as a fashion statement and make sure it's comfortable enough to wear all day. Pack extras in case it gets sweaty. Teachers should also leave a box of disposables on their desk if students need.
  • Mask chain
    • Add a clip on chain so you don't lose your mask. These look like necklaces and make it easy to take on and off your mask during "mask breaks".

  • Mints
    • Say bye to mask breath
  • Makeup pouch
    • A cute makeup pouch can double as a mask holder, pencil case, and spot for your lip balm. You won't have to search for loose masks at the bottom of your bag anymore. 

  • Blue light glasses
    • These glasses are a must for teachers and students constantly staring at screens. Just because you'll be in person, doesn't mean your screen time will go down. Blue light glasses have no prescription, but special lenses that protect eyes from harmful rays emitted by digital screens.
  • Hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes
    • These are a must. You'll probably stay in your assigned seat throughout the day, but bring antibacterial wipes to clean the surface of your desk.

  • Agenda
    • If you use Google Calendar or a physical agenda, you need this to stay organized going back to school. Keep track of assignments and tests in a pretty agenda. 
  • Cute bag
    • Do you prefer a backpack or tote? If you carry a heavier bag, make sure it has comfortable straps. We love a puff quilted backpack. A black leather tote is also classic and if it gets dirty it's not so obvious. 

  • Notebooks or Chromebook
    • You're probably used to learning with a computer, so bringing a Chromebook (or iPad) to school won't be a huge adjustment. If your school is more old fashioned with note taking, stock up on notebooks in different colors to keep you organized. 
  • Reusable lunch bag and water bottle
    • Plastic bags and water bottles can be very wasteful. If you're bringing lunch from home, try using a shopping bag, lunch "purse" or canvas brown paper bag. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle; there are so many different styles and ways to customize. 

Photo: @shopsimplemodern We love drinking from these in the office! Perfect for on the go.

    • Portable charger
      • Don't forget to charge all your devices before school. If the battery drains, bring a portable charger so you're not missing out.
      • Coin/key wallet
        • Ditch the tacky lanyard with 10 keys on it everyone swings around. Upgrade your accessory game to a mini wallet with a key ring. It holds your car keys, ID, and credit cards.

      First Day of School Outfit: 

      • Comfy clothes
        • After doing school from your bed and classmates only seeing you from the top up, you probably got used to wearing pajamas all day. However, it's time to upgrade your OOTD. It'll feel nice to put on real clothes and everything that you couldn't wear last year.

      • Upgraded lounge
        • If you can't part ways with sweats, try a cooler looking legging or jogger. You can still be comfortable but with an edge. You're at school now! Ditch the rolled out of bed look. Add some jewels and cool sneakers for that Instagram worthy outfit. 

       Photo: @mixologyroslyn

      • Stretchy jeans
        • Putting on jeans for the first time in a year can be just as scary as going back to school! If you want to dress up but still be comfortable, wear a stretchier pair of jeans. You want to be able to breathe while sitting at a desk all day, so try a looser fit.

      Photo: @mixologywestchester

      • Layers
        • Layering at school is so important. What if in one classroom it's hot? But your next class is cold? Take a soft cardigan with you and leave it in your locker or bag. Obsessed with hoodies? Upgrade your coffee stained sweatshirt to a cool tie dye hoodie that will keep you warm. 

      Photo: @shopmixology

      Photo: @shopmixology

      • "Cool mom" tops
        • If you're a teacher, you have to dress a certain way. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion. Short sleeve blouses and matching cardi sets are perfectly appropriate for in person classrooms. 

      @babesontrend wearing our Look At Me Know Top 

      • Graphic tees
        • These are always on our back to school shopping list. They go with everything. Students can wear them with jeans, shorts, or leggings. And teachers can pair them with a silk midi skirt for an edgy sophisticated look.  

      Have a great first day back!