International Women's Day: Women of the Mix

Today is International Women’s Day, an annual celebration of the achievements and progress women have made in the world. At Mixology we celebrate hard working women everyday, so March 8th is especially important to us.

This year’s IWD theme is #choosetochallenge. As women working in fashion and business, we are always challenging industry biases. Comprised of 97% women, Mixology makes space for women and includes their voices in every part of our business. What started as a family clothing store, has turned into a fashion brand run by hard working, intelligent, confident women. 

Our goal is to inspire confidence. By employing young women in our stores and giving women leadership roles at headquarters, we do just that. It’s not easy being a woman in business, but by empowering and uplifting each other, so much can be accomplished. Our staff ranges from high school students, recent college grads, to mothers. Their perspective is everything. They know what you want and how to make you feel your most confident.

The women of the Mix are entrepreneurs, mentors, and your best friends. Here's how they inspire confidence. 

What item inspires confidence for you?

Jenn, Manager at West Hampton Beach: The clothing item that inspires me most is denim! There's denim for everyone. Also in my house we feel very strongly that “sweats and leggings are for home but when we go out we put jeans on”. Don’t ask it’s weird old people stuff! But I always feel together when I have jeans on and not a mess. 

Flying Monkey Mid Rise Crop Kick Flare Jeans

What does working at Mixology mean to you?

J: Working at Mix is empowerment! I run a business and I am successful. It comes from the TOP- we are entrusted and empowered to make the decisions day in and day out - what a way to teach my daughter about independence!  

What item inspires confidence for you?

Crystal, Manager NYC: My favorite piece of clothing from Mix is dresses. I grew up playing sports all week and weekend and have just never been that "girly" type. That's the thing about a dress, you can put one on and it can totally change your mood and vibe. I'll throw on a dress with a combat boot and leather jacket to make it more edgy, more me.

Flirty and Casual Dresses

W.A.P.G. Sabella Dress


What does working at Mixology mean to you?

C: Mixology means to me confidence! I've grown up with this company and not only have gained my own confidence but LOVE to make other people feel the same. Clothing isn't just another outfit, it really does make you feel good and I absolutely love making people of all ages feel great in their skin!

What item inspires confidence for you?

Robin, Manager Closter: My favorite piece of clothing (so hard to pick one) is a jacket. I love how pulled together it makes any outfit look and affords so many layering and styling opportunities. I always feel like a powerful, confident woman in a great jacket. 

Massimo Leather Belted Biker Jacket

What does working at Mixology mean to you?

R: I love that Mixology has allowed me to help women of all ages, shapes and sizes find the same kind of confidence through dressing. 

What item inspires confidence for you?

Jill, Manager Scarsdale: A jacket is definitely the key item that inspires confidence in myself! It's an item that pulls an outfit together. I can pick a jacket to look classic, edgy, trendy, or sporty in. It can make you stand out in a crowd!

Hidden x Mixology Frayed Denim Jacket Black

Brooklyn Karma Bicoastal Shacket

What does working at Mixology mean to you?

J: Working at Mixology is being a part of something, it's family, a community, it's become home. When I walk into the store every morning, I feel as if I am opening my own business for the day. At the same time, I have backup from so many wonderful people who are always ready to help and support. Working at Mixology inspires women to be their own, to take charge and to challenge themselves.

What item inspires confidence for you?

Brinna, Sales West Hampton: My favorite item from Mixology are the Malibu Beach Basics. They are so versatile for every season and can be used to layer under dresses or tucked into jeans for a simple look!

Malibu Beach Basics Sunset Tee

What item inspires confidence for you?

Molly, Social and Assistant Manager NYC: My favorite items from Mixology are the accessories! Even if I’m wearing a basic top and jeans I feel a little more dressed with my layered necklaces and the latest hair accessory. No matter what I need an outfit for I know Mixology has just the thing to make me feel my best.

Zoe Belle Jewelry

Zoe Belle Set of 8 Ball Bracelets

What does working at Mixology mean to you?

M: Working at Mixology has helped me find myself and my voice. I have become much more confident and found my personal style from working here. I would never think I’d want to be on camera and putting myself out there but Mixology changed me in the best way.

The women of Mixology treat each other like family. The beautiful relationships formed between coworkers and even customers is evident. 

What does working at Mixology mean to you?

Becca, Associate Buyer: Mixology means to me family! If anyone has worked at a different company before- you know there is no other place like this in the world. Thank you to all the beautiful ladies who have helped me grow throughout the years (Jackie birthed me herself I wouldn't be the same without her!). And major love to my team Gabrielle Edwards, Rebecca Kobetz, Megan Dzwlewicz who continue to inspire me every single day. 

We have women that have been here for just two weeks already recognizing the confidence and strength of Mixology. And then we have women that have grown up here or been with us for a decade. They love supporting each other and making other women feel confident- no matter how young or old. 

Jackie, Manager Scarsdale and Rye: Age here is just a number. I have built so many amazing relationships and respect so many people no matter how old they are.

Randi, Regional Manager: To me "the Mix" means opportunity. I have been with the company for over 10 years, and I have so many stories of amazing young woman who started working a few hours a week that now have full careers. I am one of them. If you want a chance at a career the opportunities are endless regardless of your age. 

Chrissy, Senior Seller OceansideThis company is providing a unique way of helping women express their individuality in style and comfort. Mixology means empowerment to me; watching all of these women everyday go to their job and love it is so inspirational.

Part of working in fashion is using clothes to create confidence. Mix women are honest with customers when styling them for their big events. "Giving them the experience of a lifetime, and it starts as soon as they walk in the door." They love watching the customer's glow when putting on an outfit and walking out the door with it. 

Christina, Manager Oceanside: Seeing these young, sometimes shy and timid tweens coming in and walking out the door with more confidence than when they walked in, it’s very inspiring! Overall, it’s just nice to work for a company that provides recognition and positivity.

At Mixology, we hope you feel confident not just this International Women's Day- but every day.