Are you ready to step into the vibrant world of fashion? Join our Mixology family and apply to intern with us! As an intern at Mixology Clothing Co., you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in an empowering work environment and learn the in's and out's of fashion and business. Whether you're interested in buying, marketing, e,commerce, or merchandising - we have a place for you to shine!

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Store Manager, Mixology Oceanside



Store Manager, Mixology Scarsdale



Store Manager, Mixology Roslyn


Hear from our intern Alumni:

Eva Hall, summer '22 & '23

Ohio State University, Class of 2024

Mixology University, Class of 2021

  "I began on the sales floor at Mixology Clothing Company at 16 years old at Mixology Woodbury. I always felt so welcomed, excited, and inspired. I was lucky enough to intern at Mixology’s corporate office for two summers, and the experience I had was beyond anything I ever expected. I cannot thank Mixology enough for all that they have done for me over the years and I am excited for what's to come!"


Auburn University, Class of 2024

Mixology University, Class of 2023

"Going into my internship with Mixology Clothing Co., I was hopeful that I would meet new people and learn more about the ins and outs of the fashion industry. What I didn’t expect was a work culture and environment that felt like a family. Every day I left the office with a new business technique and a life lesson in my back pocket. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than the experience I had with Mixology."

ayalah gluck, summer '23

Northeastern University, Class of 2024

Mixology University Class of 2021

"My internship at Mixology Clothing Company was an outstanding experience that provided me with a deep understanding of the fashion industry. My experience only furthered my passion and left me excited about what my future career could look like. I looked forward to coming into the office each day and enjoyed collaborating with the team! I could not be more grateful for this opportunity."

sofia fuertes, summer & fall '23

Hofstra University, Class of 2024

Mixology University, Class of 2022

  "My internship at Mixology Clothing Company was nothing short of an extraordinary experience. Coming from the sales floor, I was able to further explore my love for fashion and content creation. Through my internship, I was able to learn about all aspects of the business including E-Commerce, photoshoots, the back end of the corporate website, planning a social media feed and so much more."

ariana augi, summer '23

Penn State University, Class of 2024

Mixology University, Class of 2022

"I am extremely grateful to have been provided with this amazing experience of interning at Mixology Clothing Company. This opportunity also helped me further my communication, problem- solving, and collaborative skills. I am thankful to the team for their unwavering support, guidance, and sharing of their authentic love for the industry. Each day I left the corporate office feeling more inspired. "


Ohio State University, Class of 2023

Mixology University, Class of 2023

"Mixology is so much more than just the trendy clothes you get to buy, it truly is a family. By being part of the e-commerce team I had the opportunity to touch all things relating to the website, social media, and marketing. When I interned at Mixology I learned how incredible the people behind the brand are and I’m so thankful for all they have taught me and the friendships I’ve made."


What department can I intern for?

We hire interns for any of our departments.

Whether you are interested in buying, e-commerce, operations, creative marketing, or merchandising, we have a role for anyone and everyone interested in getting started in fashion & business!

How long can I intern for?

We offer internship positions all year round!

Is this internship paid?


All internshps at Mixology are paid!

How many days a week is the internship?

That's up to you! We are very flexible and offer full time and part time internships. Many of our interns work Mon - Fri, or 2-3 days a week.

We are willing to work with you and your school schedule!

What qualifications do I need for an internship?

A great way to land an internship at Mixology is completing our 8-week leadership course, Mixology University! We select top performing students from this course to be a part of our internship program each year.

You can learn more about Mix U, HERE!

What can I expect to learn and do during an internship?

As an intern at Mixology, you can expect to expand your knowledge of the fashion industry each and every day!

You will help with creative marketing strategies, make your ideas come to life, have the opportunity to work alongside our team on photoshoots, help with the buying and merchandising processes, and so much more.

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