Spring Cleaning Professional Organizers Would Be Proud Of

Hello Spring, we missed you! It's time for a fresh start, fresh air, and more importantly a fresh closet. Spring cleaning is a great way to transition out the old and stock up on the new. Tidying up isn't for everyone though. You either live for organizing a closet stuffed to the brim, or dread the thought of even folding a t-shirt. If you need help deciding what to take or toss this spring, we're here to give you advice from fashion experts. 

Step 1: Take everything out

If your closet and drawers are overflowing, you need to take everything out. This can seem overwhelming, but to assess the situation it's necessary. Organizing experts from The Home Edit do this to determine what's clutter, trash, and what's actually useful. When taking everything out and putting into categories, you might discover a favorite shirt you forgot you had or realize you have way too many black leggings. 

Put the clothes, shoes, and even accessories into categories; a pile for jeans, leggings, basic tanks, sweaters, sneakers etc. 

Step 2: Decide what to take or toss

Over the seasons we accumulate a lot of clothes, especially if stocking up on the latest trends. Tie-dye lounge sets and super puff sleeves were huge last spring and into winter. Of course keep transitional pieces that last every season, but if you haven't touched those sweats since March 2020, it's time to toss.

Marie Kondo's mantra is "if it doesn't spark joy" toss it; as fashion lovers and clothes hoarders, this is hard to hear. However, we need to stop creating fake "what if" scenarios of why we NEED to keep a bandage skirt from middle school. No, there will never be a themed party you need this for. Toss. Here are some reasons to toss an item while spring cleaning:

  • If you haven't worn it in a year: Think of 3 realistic scenarios or events you'd wear the item. "Well I need this maxi crochet cardigan if I go to Tulum and there's a beach party." No, you're not going to Tulum and if so, you can buy something new.
  • If there are tags still on it: You probably bought it on a whim and thought it looked cute on the hanger. If you still have yet to wear it and it's older than any Kardashian grandchild, toss. 
  • It has holes in it: Say bye to your socks, torn sneakers, and leggings. They can use an upgrade.
  • Stained: If you're wearing a sweatshirt with an obvious coffee stain it's time to toss. If it has sentimental value and it's only for lazy days, fine. To save your clothes from accidental spills, try the OxiClean Max Force Gel Stain Remover stick. It's approved by experts for saving our favorite white tops we forgot to take off on Italian night. The Laundress Stain Solution is also good for new and old stains. 
  • Doesn't fit the way it used to (or never fit properly int he first place): Dressing for your body is so important. Clothes that actually fit can make you feel more comfortable in your uniquely beautiful skin. Try everything on. If you're swimming in jeans that do nothing for your shape, toss. Or, if they were an investment piece, take them to the tailor to be fitted. Can't breathe in a skirt you accidentally shrunk in the wash? Toss.
  • If you have the same top in 5 variations: You don't need 5 of the same white little tank top. Just because one has a little lace and the other has buttons doesn't make them different. Stick to good basics like a crisp bodysuit and perfect tee. 
  • If it no longer serves its purpose: Just because it was your favorite going out top last year, doesn't mean it's your favorite this year. If you're holding onto something for nostalgia but don't wear it and it's just taking up space, toss. Obviously keep your wedding dress, but a denim skirt worn to your first college party can go. 

What stylists are taking into spring:

Toss: Heavy faux fur and puffers

Take: Denim jackets and linen blazers

Put your heavy winter coats in storage or the back of the closet. With the in between season, it's too hot for a puffer but still jacket weather. A jean jacket is the perfect layering piece you need. Fill your closet with white, classic denim, or a print. Oversized blazers are not only super trendy right now, but can last a few seasons. Transition your winter blazer into a spring outfit with denim shorts and heeled sandals. Fashion experts are wearing lightweight matching suit sets all season for a clean, sophisticated look. 

Toss: Faded long sleeves

Take: Bright crop tops

Trade your worn out black uniform for something fresh. Spring is all about pastel and vibrant hues. Freshen up your closet with some tie-dye crop tops or floral tanks. Fashionistas are pairing bright tops with basic bottoms like jeans or a trendy tennis skirt. We're obsessed with baby pink and butter yellow pops of color. Adding these to your collection is a must this spring.

Photo: @shopmixology

Toss: Itchy sweaters

Take: Soft layers

For braving outdoor dining during the winter, we bundled up in heavy, itchy sweaters. If the thought of putting on a polyester turtleneck makes your skin crawl, let it go. This season stock up on softer layers that will still keep you warm. Transition some of your winter neutrals into spring. White and beige are super on trend right now, so pair a soft cardi with a flowy midi skirt. For sunny brunches, throw on a pastel v-neck sweater over a pretty cami. Keep them basic so you can wear them all year round. 

Toss: Jeans that are falling apart

Take: Investment pairs

Yes, we love a pair of distressed jeans. But when every wash cycle destroys them more and more, it's time to toss. This spring (and just in life), we're buying staple pieces that will last. Even if that means spending a little extra, it's so worth it. Jeans that actually fit and are well made can transform an entire outfit. If they fit, you'll be excited to wear them more. Find a brand that fits best and get a few styles. Toss your middle school skinny jeans- stylists are constantly going for a more relaxed, straight pair.  

Toss: Winter boots and platforms

Take: Low-heeled sandals

Put your winter boots under the bed or in the back of your closet. Feature new spring styles in the front so you don't forget about them. Everyone should have a pair of white sneakers, experts suggest. They go with everything- from a dress to jeans. You also NEED the sandals of the season. Ditch the 4 inch heels you wore to a frat formal 3 years ago. Choose comfort and fashion with padded low heel sandals. Designer inspired quilted heels can be found for an affordable price and elevate any spring look. Add neutral loafers, anything strappy, and leather mules to your shoe rotation as well. 

Photo: @stevemadden

Toss: Tie-dye sweatpants

Take: Lounge shorts

DIY tie-dye sweat suits are so last March. Ditch your heavy multi-colored fleece for cool lounge shorts. Oversized lounge shorts are super on trend right now and with the weather warming up, they're a must have. Basic black biker shorts + oversized band tee = the perfect 90s inspired spring look. Wear your lounge inside or out by dressing up in layers of jewelry. 

Toss: Outdated accessories 

Take: Timeless pieces 

Chunky neon necklaces from middle school had their day, but now it's time to upgrade your jewelry game. You can still layer on lots of jewels, but in a more sophisticated way. Toss anything broken or outdated and stock up on staples you can mix and match. A gold chain link choker is timeless and elevates any look. We're also obsessed with butterflies this spring, so definitely incorporate some into your accessory collection. Stylists are wearing stackable bracelets, black mini bags, and simple hoops all year long to dress up any outfit.

Toss: Stained college t-shirts

Take: Cool graphics

It's time to replace old frat tees and 'lazy Sunday' shirts. Worn out, stained tees sitting in your drawers for nostalgic purposes need to go. Upgrade your t-shirt game with cool graphics. Vintage band tees are a must in your closet this spring; they are so versatile and can make any outfit unique. Our Mix stylists can be found pairing soft graphics with jeans this season. 

Step 3: Organize like a pro

For an extreme closet makeover, add a few organizing tools to keep it neat and clean. Something as simple as s set of new hangers makes a huge difference. Throw out your flimsy hangers from the dry cleaner and get matching black felt ones. Your clothes will actually stay on the hangers and keep their shape. If you need more shelving but are working with a small space, get some clear plastic/acrylic dividers from Amazon. They look really chic and create a cubby so you can put more stuff in your closet. If you have a shoe addiction, a hanging rack on the door saves prime floor and shelf real estate. You can find cheap ones at Bed Bath or Target. Experts also recommend clear bins. For small accessories or little tops you often neglect, have them in visible sight so you don't forget to wear them. 

Step 4: Donate and sell

Don't actually toss your clothes to the trash. Unless it's unwearable or your muddy sneakers from college, you should try to sell or donate what you no longer want.