10 Ways To Celebrate Spring (In A Pandemic)

March 20th is the first day of spring (finally!). Over the snow? So are we. The changing season is important because it signifies growth and new beginnings. It feels like it was March three days ago, yet here we are again. Last Spring, we were on lockdown and in the height of a global pandemic. It was definitely not a fun time for anyone, and while COVID is still very much a thing, a year later things are looking up. 

Spring means warm weather, a boost of serotonin, and a fresh start. New fashion and spending more time outdoors is also a major plus this season. Don't know what to do to celebrate? Here's how to celebrate the first day of spring in a pandemic. 

1. Outdoor dining

Now that the sun stays out past 5:30, so can you. When it was dark and gloomy, no one wanted to be outside. With warmer weather, the vibes are perfect for eating outdoors. If you're not ready to indoor dine, you don't have to worry about freezing on the sidewalk. Do date night outdoors or brunch with the girls under a gorgeous awning. Restaurants are creating a garden ambiance for guests to enjoy this season.  

Photo: @lolataverna

2. Shop the latest trends

It's called "Spring Cleaning" for a reason. Do a major closet clean out this week. Pretend you're Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City scene where she decides what to "Take" or "Toss." Have tie dye from last season you don't plan on wearing again? Toss. Ripped sweater from high school you just can't part ways with? Toss please. Now you have a bag for donations and space to fill in your closet! Upgrade your wardrobe with spring pastels, cool jackets, and flirty floral dresses. You know you need them. Think of the great Insta pics and compliments you'll get. Take style inspo from our trend report too! 

3. Picnic in the park

You don't have to go on a hike to enjoy the outdoors. Soak up the spring sunshine at the park. When it's warm enough, Central Park is just as crowded as the beach. You can have a socially distanced get together here. It's the perfect spot for tanning and hanging with friends. Pack a bag with a blanket, sun glasses, hand sanitizer, and your favorite snacks. Build a charcuterie board if you're feeling extra.   

4. Go for a (non stationary) bike ride

Ditch the Peloton for a minute and go for a real bike ride. This is a COVID safe activity and good for you! Ask your dad to fill the tires in your bike you haven't touched since middle school and get some fresh air. Just like the on a stationary bike, you're burning calories and getting that workout 'high'. You can hear Cody Rigsby in your ear. Ride in your neighborhood, near a scenic route, when the sun sets, or on the boardwalk. It's the ultimate start of spring activity. 

Photo: @shopmixology

5. Go to the farmer's market/flea market

You know you're a millennial when going to the farmer's market is a fun activity. It doesn't matter your age though, everyone should visit the farmer's market. This is a COVID safe activity because of mask requirements, social distancing, and the open air. While supporting local growers, you can shop for fresh ingredients. With warmer weather, there will be more weekend/weekday flea markets too. These are fun to check out because you never know what vintage finds you'll score. It's like a treasure hunt; you could stumble upon a designer silk scarf or trendy decor. 

6. Buy flowers

Miranda Priestly would argue florals for spring are unoriginal. But they're the ultimate sign it's the new season. You might notice your neighbor gardening colorful plants as it gets warmer. Freshening up the yard is nice on the outside, but what about celebrating spring inside your home? Buy some flowers (for mom, a girlfriend, yourself) to brighten the mood and welcome spring. Mix and match with two bouquets and arrange them in a vase like you've seen on Instagram. Place them next to your bed or on a table as a reminder spring is here and it's time for positive changes. 

7. Eat soft serve ice cream or fro-yo

If you hear ice cream truck music, you know it's spring. Celebrate the first day of spring with a sweet treat. Take a night time walk to your favorite ice cream (or frozen yogurt) spot and enjoy. A warm spring night is perfect ice cream weather. For a midday work break, enjoy lunch devouring an ice cream cone. Go all out with your favorite toppings- you deserve it!

Photo: @foodgoalzzz

8. Go for a run

In the beginning of quarantine everyone was going on lots of walks. Walks with the dog, walks with the whole family, walks to escape the family. With it being freezing out all winter, it was hard to go for walks/runs. Now that it's warming up, you can get back outside and move your body. Going for a run is good for your body and mind. With stresses about work, family, and the world, you need a healthy escape. Yeah Netflix is great, but getting outside could be better. Enjoy the Vitamin D and a good podcast before your day starts by going on a run/walk (or to decompress at the end of the day). You'll have a clear mind and feel refreshed. 

9. Visit the winery

A fun outdoor activity is vineyard hopping (if you're 21+ of course). Vineyards are enforcing CDC guidelines for keeping visitors safe (like mask wearing when not at your table). With a group of friends, head out east for a sunny day of wine tasting. It's like a mini vacation; you can make a weekend trip out of it and stay at an Airbnb. Put on a cute new dress and celebrate the warm weather.

10. Host a social distanced BBQ

If you miss being in a crowd of people at a party, you're not alone. This fantasy cannot become reality yet though. If you miss being the hostess with the mostest, you can have your party but at a social distance. With more backyard BBQs in spring, you can plan an outdoor get together this season. Show off the cooking skills you learned in quarantine and invite your friends over. You can even do a themed meal like Mexican or poke bowls. Create a menu to make it seem like you're at a restaurant, play music, hang string lights, and enjoy the weather.